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Re: ldapsearch for accont object class

Hamidreza Hamedtoolloei <hamedtoolloei@yahoo.com> writes:

> Dear Dieter ,
> Thanks for your response. I am using LDAP as a centrtal authentication unit,
> and migrated all the linux accounts to ldap via some migration tools.
> currently authentication for linux users work fine i.e. "su sriram then
> inputing the password" doesnt complain, but when I want to bind to ldap using
> a user DN (ex ldapsearch "uid=sriram,ou=People,dc=ibm,dc=com" -W -x) I get the
> Invalid credentials (49) error. I added  password-hash   {CRYPR} to my
> slapd.config file, however, it prevented the server from running.
> the other entry, "cn=fratbrother,ou=People,dc=ibm,dc=com", I added manually.
> Although the hashing method is SSHA, when I add password-hash   {MD5} to my
> slapd.config, I still can successfully bind. I dont know why this is
> happening... since the password-hash method has changed, I expect to get the
> Invalid credentials error... any ideas?

I presume that your crypt hashed passwords have ben created with a
diferent libcrypt than slapd and ldaptools have been compiled with.


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