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Re: Another question concerning the dynlist overlay

Gerd Schering <Schering@tubit.tu-berlin.de> writes:

> Hi,
> I my slapd.conf i added th following line:
> dynlist-attrset myAccount myAccountOwnerURL
> myAccount is a propriatary, auxliliary objectclass.
> SlapD says:
> AttributeDescription "myAccountOwnerURL" must be a subtype of "labeledURI".
> I really don't now how to arrange this. Trying
> attributetype ( labeledURI:1 NAME 'myAccountOwnerURL'
> 		... )
> gives: OID could not be expanded: "labeledURI:1"
> even the dyngroup.schema wsa loaded prior to the schema containing the
> "myAccountOwnerURL" Attribute.
> Any hint how to proceed?

You have to declare myAccountOwnerURL as a subtype of labeledUri,
something like

attributetype ( your OID 
              NAME myAccountOwnerURL
              SUP  labeledUri


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