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Re: syncrepl, database is not complete...

On Monday 18 February 2008 11:48:02 asiani@free.fr wrote:
> I look with phpldapadmin and i see :
> Computers : nothing has been copied
> Domains : nothing has been copied
> DSA:ok
> Groups : 46 copied (50 on master)
> systems: Ok
> Users : 1 (50 on master)
> I removed updatedn directive
> I added :" index entryUUID,entryCSN eq" on both servers

You would have to create the indexes themselves as well by running slapindex.

> I added: 'loglevel stats sync'
> I don't understand why the system make the sync but not complete it ! it
> is mad !

It's probably best to empty the database on the slave, and then see if it 
replicates the entire database or not. Only then will the extra logging be