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Re: syncrepl, database is not complete...

On Sunday 17 February 2008 21:32:07 Dieter Kluenter wrote:
> > password-hash {CRYPT}
> Don't use crypt! Because you never know which crypt library is linked
> against your application, but this is only one of many reasons.

I'm sorry, but this doesn't belong in this thread IMHO. There *are* valid 
reasons to enforce a specific password hash, especially if devices in the 
environment in question only support crypt (yes, I have some).

> > allow bind_v2
> This is not recommended, LDAPv3 is out for more than 10 years now,
> LDAPv2 is historic!

But, I also have some proprietary applications which are still LDAPv2.

Neither of these impact the issue at hand, so I don't see the point in 
evangelising them without caveats (like, "if you're sure you don't have 
applications which rely on these settings").