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Re: OpenLDAP synchtonization with windows/Active Directory

"Razi Garbie" <boneybastard@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> I've spent countless of hours trying to figure out how to sync openLDAP with
> my currently running windows/active directory, however.. i cant find any
> information on how this is done.
> Im currently running windows/AD which authenticates ~20users all windows boxes
> (obviously), however.. all windows users have accounts on the linux machines i
> run and that makes administrative tasks a bit messy, hence i have to make
> account changes on two different domains.
> The ideal setup is to setup setup a OpenLDAP server that is synced with
> windows active directory, so that my users can authenticate against the linux
> domain using their windows passwords.
> etc,
> (linux machines/-ldap clients) - > OpenLDAP <--SYNC --> Win/AD <- (windows
> machines)
> Thats how i imagine the setup will look like.
> Has anyone ever done this?

I doubt it.
Ask Microsoft to implement RFC 4533.
But you might try OpenLDAP with configured back-ldap and probably a
caching proxy to connect to AD. Further readings: man slapd.conf(5),
man slapd-ldap(5), man slapo-pcache(5).


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung