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openldap - missing modules - how / where to find them

Hi Everyone,

I'm working on setting up openldap on a few of my linux servers. I was working on setting up the slapd.conf file, and I ran the slaptest against it.

I was returned with this.

1t_dlopenext failed: (back_bdb) back_bdb.so: cannont open shared object file: no file or directory found.

Okay, simple enough, I'm trying to use the bdb backend, so I need the module that is called in my file back_bdb.so. I did a search on the system and that is not found.

I installed the openldap stuff via yum. I installed the following.


I've reinstalled, I've searched for just the backend module itself, all coming up empty handed.

Can someone point me to what I'm doing wrong to get these files?