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loglevel - ip client in logfile

Hello from france,
My question is about logs and so loglevel parameter for openldap 2.0 ( yes, this is and older version...! migration is in progress...)
Basically, I want my logs contains IPs clients to do some tuning because of some CPU overloads occures while we are installing a new RADIUS client for this LDAP server.
So I try to change my loglevel ( as describe here http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/ch6/#loglevel ) and no IP appears in logfile while loglevel is set to -1 (or whatever number).
Is it possible ? Is my openldap version too old ? Is there other things to do ?
Thanks, any help would be appreciate !
Christophe Dumonet.

Christophe Dumonet
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