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Re: only ET_DYN and ET_EXEC can be loaded

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 18:56:44 Pat Riehecky wrote:
> When I started up my test slapd today I got the following message (along
> with a bunch of normal stuff):
> line 41 (moduleload     smbk5pwd)
> lt_dlopenext failed: (smbk5pwd) /usr/lib/ldap/smbk5pwd.so.0: only ET_DYN
> and ET_EXEC can be loaded
> /etc/ldap/slapd.conf: line 41: <moduleload> handler exited with 1!
> What on earth does this mean?  I spent some time on google to no avail.
> I know it doesn't like my .so.0 but (a) what doesn't it like and (b) how
> do I fix it?

Right, well, the hint is that the function complaining here is lt_dlopenext, 
which most likely is a function from libtool's libltdl library. I'm guessing 
that ET_DYN and ET_EXEC are types of files that libltdl is prepared to load 
as a plugin, and that your smbk5pwd.so.0 doesn't qualify as one of these.

You may want to run:

file /usr/lib/ldap/smbk5pwd.so.0

I get:
/usr/lib64/openldap/smbk5pwd.so.0: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, 
version 1 (SYSV), stripped

For further information, you should probably consult the libtool docs, or the 
people who provided your OpenLDAP build.