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RE: SSL/TLS connection on port 389

> >>> I've been running slapd with "-h ldaps:///" so that it
> >>> takes SSL/TLS connections on port 636. This has worked 
> >>> with most clients (Outlook, Seamonkey, Thunderbird) but 
> >>> does not work for Evolution. I don't know why not, but 
> >>> Evolution seems to insist on using port 389 for secure 
> >>> connections.

> >> Evo will connect to port 636 ok, *if* you specify
> >> 'the_host:636' in your 
> >> connection box. It works out that this is ssl for itself.
> > 
> > But where do you put in your password?
> Darn it, you forced me to start up Evo and I'd rather not. 
> The password goes in my IMAP incoming mail tab under 
> authentication types, tick off remember password.
> Oh. if you mean the password for LDAP, does this help? It's 
> been so long since I did it, that ... this is for Evo 2.8.3.

Heh - yes, the LDAP server is distinct from the IMAP server, and
requires a different password. I can't find anywhere to enter it in the
"LDAP Address Book" config, nor does Evo ask me for it. I have filed a
Debian bug about this in the hope that someone will either fix it or
enlighten me.

Ho hum. Apologies for interrupting the discussion of unique UUIDs ...


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