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Re: Read/Write locks for LDAP entry

Rakesh Yadav wrote:

Actually i want to know whether we can acquire any kind of lock in
openLDAP for entries.

Suppose we read some entry and use this for doing some calculation and
at the same time someone else modify this entry,
so i want to know that LDAP provides any kind of lock just like RDBMS.

In case of RDBMS we can acquire lock over any record so nobody can
modify this until we release this lock.

Please tell me about the locking mechanism in OpenLDAP.

There are no specifications for protocol-level locking in either the X.500 standard nor the LDAP standard. Directories are not RDBMSs.

Your use case makes no sense. Once you've read the entry, you can do whatever calculations you want with that entry's data. Why does the entry in the directory need to be locked?

There are ways for applications to perform cooperative locking in LDAP, but so far it's not clear why you need it.
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