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Re: AD-style AUX classes

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Andrew Bartlett wrote:

To move this part of the discussion in a forward direction...

In Fedora DS, I was able to get a patch accepted to trim the 00core
schema down to the really, really core stuff.  I'm unsure if the same
would even be possible with OpenLDAP, given the way schema is loaded (by
listing each file)?

I don't want to enter too much into details, but, to avoid breaking existing configurations that only include core.schema, nothing would prevent from defining the files


and have a core.schema file consisting in

include		really_core.schema
include		not_so_core.schema

The all you'd need to do would be to only load the relevant portion of
the split.

However, I believe this is a moot point, since I expect most of the
users to move to using back-config, which means that core.schema will no
longer need to be around except for configuration initialization.

Note that we also have a converted core.schema in core.ldif, and the same split could be applied there if desired.

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