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Re: Coverity Report for Openldap library

meow@computer.org wrote:
> Hi : 
>         Our development project is using Openldap library, currently using 
> version 2.2.26, planning to migrate to a newer version. 

Sounds wise.

>         And, recently, I saw in scan.coverity is generating Error report 
> for Openldap library . 
>         So, I downloaded the latest stable release 2.3.39, check the 
> CHANGES doc to see if coverity fixes were included; but this doc didn;t 
> mention anything regarding fixes for Coverity Error . 

Coverity reports seldom address really self-contained bugs, deserving an
ITS; most of them up to now referred to (intentionally not cared about)
leaks in test tools (those in tests/progs/) or one-time leaks in clients
(like not freeing all malloc'd memory before exit).  Occasionally,
reports found potential use of uninit'd vars, dead code or NULL
dereferencing, mostly in HEAD code, thus fixed before release.  Those
have been fixed as soon as reported, but the ITS does not make it into
CHANGES since affected code was never released.  Check CVS logs for

>         Just want to know if latest stable release 2.3.39 contain the 
> fixes to the Error reported in the Coverity ? 


>         And, how can I get access to the Coverity Report for Openldap 
> library ? 

I'm afraid you might have to be an OpenLDAP developer; in any case, you
need to ask coverity, AFAIK.


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