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Re: LDAP and oracle

I think that only mass users must be authenticated using LDAP.

And heavy load on LDAP server shows that You create new session for every new operation.

On Jan 7, 2008 3:33 PM, < florian.engelmann@bt.com> wrote:
We just migrated our unix/linux accounts to LDAP. We decided to migrate
every user account that can login (except root) to LDAP. Now we have
heavy load on our LDAP systems and I think this is because we also
migrated the oracle users that are running our oracle databases. This is
because the oracle admins log on the systems using the user the database
is running with. I do not know that much about oracle but is it
mandatory to administrate an oracle database with the same user? Does it
make sense to migrate systemusers to ldap?

Florian Engelmann