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Re: sles 10 synchronize 2 ldapservers


The two directories must contain the same users and groups, and when i add a user on ldapserver off.company.nl it also has to be automativcally create the user on the second ldapserver mail.company.nl. i use openldap 2.3.32 on off.company.nl and 2.2.24 on mail.company.nl



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Onderwerp: Re: sles 10 synchronize 2 ldapservers

On Tuesday 15 January 2008 17:42:08 bakkerru wrote:

> Question:


> How can i sychronize the users and groups of 2 ldap servers. 1 is

> setup as pdc with samba and openldap (SLES10) domain "off.company.nl"

> and the other is our mailserver installed with ldap and openexchange

> (SLES9.3) domain mail.company.nl. how can i sync the users between

> both. The mailserver is in a DMZ.

You seem to have two issues here, and you're not clear which one you are trying to address.

1)Are you trying to merge the contents of two different directories?


2)Are you trying to ensure that the contents of the directory on one server is available on another server?



I am not aware of tools to merge the contents of two directories, but you could either do it manually, or write some scripts (which would depend on the contents of the directories).

Once you have one directory containing all the information, use the replication tools which are provided to keep the directory in sync across your two servers. To be able to recommend which replication tool to use, you need to supply the versions of OpenLDAP you are using (which may generate a recommendation to upgrade at least one of them ...).