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Re: cn=config and DB_CONFIG

DT Piotr Wadas wrote:
Is it possible with openldap, any version, to tune DB_CONFIG attributes
for selected context via cn=config ?

Although I don't know in detail if and when these kind of cn=config settings will take effect (especially for changes), it seems to be supported:

Have a look at admin guide 2.4 and olcDBConfig attribute:

BTW: Could someone confirm, that a slaptest -f -F conversion does not effect (aka ignores) slapd's bdb DB_CONFIG convenience settings like for example:

dbconfig        set_cachesize 0 500000000 4
dbconfig        set_lg_dir /extra/harddrive4performace
dbconfig        set_lg_regionmax 5000000
dbconfig        set_lg_bsize 5000000
dbconfig        set_lg_max 25000000
dbconfig        set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE

In my case the above settings are contained in a "database hdb" section and although slaptest -f succeeds after running slaptest -f ... -F ... slapd.d's ldifs do not contain any olcDBConfig attribute.