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Re: Extra character when using search filter but won't appear in the search result

> Hi all,
> We have a little bit of a problem here. When we tried to search in
> openldap
> with the following filter:-
> (&(uid=user1)(customAttribute=somevalue))
> ... it returned no results. But when we use a similar filter, with an
> asterisk (*) appended for the 2nd attribute:-
> (&(uid=user1)(customAttribute=somevalue*))
> We got the result just fine. The funny thing is, the result listed
> customAttribute value as just 'somevalue'. We were wondering what's the
> extra character that's preventing us from getting the result when using
> the
> filter without the asterisk.
> Have anyone encountered similar problem before?

All those that change indexes without reindexing the database (man
slapindex(8) for details) experience a similar behavior.  Could it be your