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Re: syncrepl_del_nonpresent and syncrepl issues.

dbconfig set_lk_detect DB_LOCK_DEFAULT
dbconfig set_lg_max 52428800
dbconfig set_cachesize 0 67108864 1
dbconfig set_flags db_log_autoremove
dbconfig set_lk_max_objects 1500
dbconfig set_lk_max_locks 1500
dbconfig set_lk_max_lockers 1500

You don't provide relevant data on the size of your database to make any
comment one way or the other on whether your "set_cachesize" value is

I would suggest you provide the output of du -c -h *.bdb in your
OpenLDAP 2.3 database directory.

Coming right up! I appreciate your time in doing some sanity checks for me.

 2.8M   DNSData.bdb
 3.9M   DNSHostName.bdb
 2.4M   DNSIPAddr.bdb
 1.4M   DNSType.bdb
 1.5M   accountStatus.bdb
 258K   amavisSpamLover.bdb
 642K   deliveryMode.bdb
 1.2G   dn2id.bdb
  62M   entryCSN.bdb
  84M   entryUUID.bdb
  13M   gecos.bdb
 898K   gidNumber.bdb
 2.5G   id2entry.bdb
 9.0M   mail.bdb
 7.6M   mailAlternateAddress.bdb
 5.6M   o.bdb
 3.9M   objectClass.bdb
 1.0M   radiusGroupName.bdb
  14M   uid.bdb
  12M   uidNumber.bdb
(no -c in Solaris, the whole dir is: )
 9.0G   .

If it is at all interesting, on the live master (not the test server with identical data) the running data look like:

# /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.2/bin/db_stat -m
80MB 2KB 912B   Total cache size.
1       Number of caches.
80MB 8KB        Pool individual cache size.
0       Requested pages mapped into the process' address space.
163M    Requested pages found in the cache (98%).
3324522 Requested pages not found in the cache.
25800   Pages created in the cache.
3324522 Pages read into the cache.
1893069 Pages written from the cache to the backing file.
3333040 Clean pages forced from the cache.
832     Dirty pages forced from the cache.
0       Dirty pages written by trickle-sync thread.
16450   Current total page count.
16303   Current clean page count.
147     Current dirty page count.
8191    Number of hash buckets used for page location.
169M    Total number of times hash chains searched for a page.
14      The longest hash chain searched for a page.
383M    Total number of hash buckets examined for page location.
479M    The number of hash bucket locks granted without waiting.
4563    The number of hash bucket locks granted after waiting.
62      The maximum number of times any hash bucket lock was waited for.
12M     The number of region locks granted without waiting.
11491   The number of region locks granted after waiting.
3350398 The number of page allocations.
6704823 The number of hash buckets examined during allocations
4161    The max number of hash buckets examined for an allocation
3333872 The number of pages examined during allocations
2064    The max number of pages examined for an allocation

Also, master LDAP slapd.conf has this cache related line:

lastmod         on
checkpoint 128 15
cachesize 5000

Now, live slapd consumes about 800MB of memory when it is running, which is probably acceptable as the server is dedicated to LDAP master. (Has 2GB RAM).

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