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Re: syncrepl_del_nonpresent and syncrepl issues.

You should use the supported tools to migrate your database -- slapcat
the master, then slapadd that to the replica... Same with rebuilding the
master. That is the only officially supported upgrade path from 2.3 -> 2.4.

I did try that too. 'slapcat' took 6 minutes, and 'slapadd' to an empty directory wanted 15hours. If I move the ldif file to the x4500 where I have 16GB of /tmp, I can 'slapadd' it all in 13 minutes, then rsync the data back to the master and disk (3 minutes).

I just thought the whole rsyncing the binary db files to be 'uglier' than having 2.4 syncrepl against a 2.3 until it was up to date.


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