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Re: too many open files


don't want to discourage you, but my slapd (2.4.11 on Debian Lenny)
still has problems with more than 1024 files.

I have
-- ulimit -n 4096 in /etc/default/slapd
-- checked the output of /proc/`pidof slapd`/limits
-- downloaded the source package from Debian (version 2.4.11),
   did a grep for FD_SETSIZE and found that it is set to 4096
-- built a new package from these sources with configure options:

In a loop from a python script, I then connect, bind, search the ldap
server and keep all the connections open, like so:

def ldap_connection_func():
  global n
  l = ldap.initialize("ldaps://ldap...")
  l.simple_bind_s(username, password)
  l.search_s('dc=haiti,...', ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE, 'objectclass=*')

for x in range(0,1100):

I see the number of open files of the slapd process rise to about 1080,
then all connections opened from the script are closed while slapd keeps

We now will try to set the idletimeout parameter to some sensible value
>0. Hopefully, this will not lead to trouble with syncrepl.


On Fri, 2010-04-23 at 16:59 +0100, Hugo Monteiro wrote: 
> On 04/23/2010 11:55 AM, Buchan Milne wrote:
> > And 'grep files /proc/`pidof slapd`/limits' ?
> >
> >    
> Bingo.
> proxyldap1:~# grep files /proc/`pidof slapd`/limits
> Max open files            1024                 1024                 files
> Now this i don't undestand. Howcome is this value set to 1024 while i 
> defined 8192 for nofile in /etc/security/limits ?
> So now i added ulimit -n 4096 to /etc/default/slapd and i restarted the 
> server.
> I now get a proper value in /proc/`pidof slapd`/limits.
> Now it's wait and see, but i'm feeling confident.
> Thank you for your help.
> Hugo Monteiro.
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