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Re: ACL to deny deletes but allow entry creation.

Aravind Gottipati wrote:

I am working on an application where we want to grant an admin account
the privileges to create new entries, but prevent any further changes
(or deletes) to the entry by the admin account.  I have looked through
the docs and the faqs for this, and I am pretty sure that this is not
possible.  The simile folks relate this with, is the ability to grant
insert privileges to an account in mysql, but restrict selects,
updates etc..  Before I tell the developers that this is not possible,
I wanted to check with you folks first.  Have Any of you encountered
similar situations?  How do others deal with cases like this?

It is of course possible. Read the slapd.access(5) manpage. Note that wadd and wdel are separate privileges.

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