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ACLs - match FDN to portion of attribute

Hello everybody,

I am in need of a good advice. I have a problematic spot in my ACL and so far i can not figure out what to do with it.

This is what needs to be accomplished:

an Entry has attribute uofsGroupRole that may contain values like :
uid=some_user, ou=nsids,ou=people,dc=usask,dc=ca:some_role

only user with matching uid may see this attribute and its value.

I tried :
access to attrs=uofsGroupRole val.regex="uid=([^,]+),ou=nsids,ou=people,dc=usask,dc=ca.*$"
  by dn.regex="uid=$1,ou=nsids,ou=people,dc=usask,dc=ca$" read

And it did not work as required. I know the problem in regex, but I can not find it.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Sergiy Stepanenko
Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services
University of Saskatchewan
phone:    (306) 966-2762