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Re: Bind using a user other than organizationalRole user

Marcelo de Moraes Serpa wrote:
Hello list,

I have a local OpenLDAP server with a couple of users. I'm using it for development purposes, here's the ldif:


So far, so good. I can bind with "cn=Manager,dc=site,dc=com" and the 12345678 password (the local server password, setup on slapd.conf).

However, I would like to bind with any user in under the people OU. In this case, I'd like to bind with:
  dn: uid=celoserpa, ou=people, dc=site, dc=com
  userPassword: secret_12345

And you are completely sure that this entry exists in the LDAP database, and that the userPassword attribute has a value? Use slapcat to see what's in the backend database.

But I'm getting a (49) - Invalid Credentials error everytime. I have tried through CLI tools (such as ldapadd, ldapwhoami, etc) and also ruby/ldap. The bind with these credentials fails with a invalid credentials error.

Please show the list how you use those tools.

I was suspecting that maybe OpenLDAP doesn't compare against userPassword?

I don't think that's very likely...

Or maybe some ACL configuration I am missing that is somehow affecting the read access to userPassword for the specific DN.

If you suspect your ACLs, you should show them to the list for evaluation.