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Re: Preauth error ldap heimdal kerberos

On 22/03/10 13:33 +0200, Μανόλης Βλαχάκης wrote:
I forgot to mention another problem that  occurred today
when i try to do
ldapsearch -X "dn: cn=spiros,ou=Managers,dc=teipir,dc=gr" -b
"ou=Managers,dc=teipir,dc=gr" -w 1234

i get

2010-03-22T13:30:17 Failed to open database: Wrong database version
2010-03-22T13:30:17 UNKNOWN -- host/proof.teipir.gr@TEIPIR.GR: No such entry
in the database

That may be due to a mismatch between your /var/lib/heimdal (or where ever
your m-key is located) and the data stored in your openldap database.

You may need to re-init heimdal, but that will require that you regenerate
all your krb5Keys, so be careful before doing so.

Dan White