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accesslog logpurge and disconnected syncrepl consumers

I'm using delta-syncrepl and noticed that my consumers were connecting
to the provider once a day.  After checking the logs and a few quick
tests, I realized that these reconnects correspond to accesslog purging
old entries (it was set to check every day).

What I observe is that the provider purges the accesslog entries and
then the consumer immediately unbinds.  It then takes the retry interval
of the consumer for syncrepl to reconnect.

If changes occur during the consumer's retry interval, the consumer will
contain stale data.

This is not that big of a deal for me as my refresh interval is 60
seconds, but I did not see this noted anywhere.

I should note that a search using the LDAP sync control with ldapsearch
does not lose its connection when the accesslog is purged.

Is it expected for consumers to disconnect on an accesslog logpurge?