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certificate warnings


Is there any way of supressing the SSL warning/error "TLS: hostname (XXXXX) does not match common name in certificate" for a syncrepl client ?

This error is being returned by a syncrepl client which is negotiating SSL talking to a syncrepl server by using it's (actual / real) server name, but as the server name returns a certificate based on its (external / content switch) server name, the ssl library on the client waits for a randomly long time, and then returns the error above as the cert returned does not exactly match the hostname configured in the provider="" line, in the syncrepl client configuration.

If it's indeed a warning, then the sycrepl client should ignore it, but it does not, so effectively it is an error as it causes the syncrepl client to abort it's connection.

A hack might be to add the "external" name to /etc/hosts on each syncrepl client with the correct ip for each syncrepl server, but was hoping for something better.