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Re: SASL /usr/lib/sasl2/App.conf configuration

Le 18 février 2010 12:53, Francis Swasey <Frank.Swasey@uvm.edu> a écrit :
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> On 2/17/10 11:34 AM, Clément OUDOT wrote:
>> Hi,
>> if it helps, we provide some OpenLDAP 2.4 RPMS for RHEL 5 here:
>> http://ltb-project.org/wiki/documentation/openldap-rpm
> Do you have the SRPM available as well, I didn't see it there.

You can see the spec file here:

You are right, we should also publish the SPRMS in our forge. It will
be done soon.

>> OpenLDAP 2.4 is installed in /usr/local to prevent conflicts with
>> RHEL5 OpenLDAP version.
> It looks like you built your own copy of cyrus-sasl as well -- I've been trying to use
> RedHat's.  testsaslauthd works.  I'm using the same slapd.conf file that worked with OpenLDAP
> 2.3 on RHEL4 systems.  What I haven't figured out is which debug level to run the slapd at to
> get it to tell me which call to sasl is failing (I've been busy enough on other fronts that I
> haven't done a lot of searching to find that information either).

We use standard RHEL SASL (package cyrus-sasl-devel). We do not use
the slapd.conf of the RHEL OpenLDAP installation, but you can easily
make a symobolic link between the two if needed.