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opeldap back-sql oracle with password-hash MD5 enabled


We are implementing openldap using oralce as backend and every thing
is up and running fine  with out any issues.  Now we have an
additional requirement to hash  the cleartext passwords in oracle
database for ldap users. Now instead of storing cleartext passwords,
I'm storing passwords in the same  database column but prefix of the
schema in braces and MD5 hash value.

Lets say if we have a user - jsmith with password 123456

I would store the {MD5}e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e     in  the
database column (userPassword). But for some reason  I was able to
bind with admin creds, but the authentication fails with err=49

I can send  detailed openldap logs if required.


Nikethan Nagula Raja