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Re: Can ldap backend strip paged result critial extension?

Loving, Kent wrote:

I am trying to install an application that sets the paged result extension
as critical in all its searches. I tried to connect this application to an
existing LDAP server which does not support that extension and I get error=12,
Critical extension is unavailable.

I am not able to modify the settings of the application nor the existing
LDAP server.

I thought to try OpenLDAP as a proxy between the app and the existing
server. I installed OpenLDAP 2.4 and added database of type ldap, with suffix
and uri for the existing LDAP server. Searches work great using ldapsearch
(data is retrieved from the existing server) but searches from the application
still return error 12.

Is there any way I can instruct the ldap backend to strip the paged result
request to the existing server, yet still have the OpenLDAP proxy honor the
app's request?

Unfortunately no, there's not. Generally the ldap proxy's job is to pass everything through to the remote server, transparently. While it would be possible to extend it to pick things off and handle them locally, there is no code for that at present, and it would require adding a few config keywords to control this feature as well.

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