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Re: Syncrepl Problem after repeatedly reboot

Am 28.01.2010 13:00, schrieb openldap-software-request@OpenLDAP.org:
>> Is there any other way to check that? Then if I don't know that they are
>> > out of synchow could I start the rebuild of the second node...
> To check the database content just slapcat both directories and do a
> diff.

Thank you, Dieter! The simple solutions are the best, I wonder why I
hadn't the same idea :)
> My multimaster tests of early 2.4 versions(2.4.11 + 2.4.12) had
> similar effects. While a node was down, heavy modifications, that is
> modify, delete and add operations, where made. But only the added
> objects where synchronised but not the modified and deleted
> objects. 
It seems to me that there is something missed in the syncrepl if after
crash only adds are provided

> claim not to use n-way synchronisation. In most cases it is only bad
> directory design that leads to a request for multimaster systems.
> One-way synchronisation in combination with chaining is has the same
> effects as multimaster but is much more reliable.

Yes, maybe. We use Heartbeat to switch the Service-IP between the
masters, that's why we have always exactly one primary and one
secondary. The N-Way or MirrorMode in that case is usefull because we
don't have to switch between different master-slave configs for ldap,
but keeping two identical configs ....