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Re: Syncrepl Problem after repeatedly reboot

HRZ Konten <hrzkonten@uni-bonn.de> writes:

>>> Is there an easy way to force a new replication on the second node?
>>> > I will really appreciate your help...
>> Just delete the database on the second node and setup a new node.
> Well, that is rather a worst case scenario, but if this is the only was
> to get them synced...
> This situation is a little bit strange, then it says if the contextCSN
> is equal then the systems are synced.
> In my case I had equal contextCSN and diefferent number of entries and
> no error message in the logs.
> How could I be sure that my both nodes are synced?
> Is there any other way to check that? Then if I don't know that they are
> out of synchow could I start the rebuild of the second node...

To check the database content just slapcat both directories and do a
My multimaster tests of early 2.4 versions(2.4.11 + 2.4.12) had
similar effects. While a node was down, heavy modifications, that is
modify, delete and add operations, where made. But only the added
objects where synchronised but not the modified and deleted
objects. In order to get the systems synchronised I had to take the
node down, delete the database files and restart the system.
This experience, design analysis and requirement analysis led to the
claim not to use n-way synchronisation. In most cases it is only bad
directory design that leads to a request for multimaster systems.
One-way synchronisation in combination with chaining is has the same
effects as multimaster but is much more reliable.

Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung