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Re: start_tls: connect error

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Michael Ströder wrote:
>>> Howard Chu wrote:
>>>> Show the output with debugging enabled. Note that "localhost" is treated
>>>> specially, and will be replaced by the local hostname instead of being used
>>>> directly in the name comparison.
>>> Why that? I strongly dislike automagic things when doing security checks.
>> Probably because "localhost" is useless in an actual cert from a remote
>> server.
> Yes. But nothing prevents the client from providing the correct hostname.

Laziness, and the ubiquity of "localhost" in canned configs...

>> This has been a feature of libldap since 2.1, so it's certainly
>> nothing new.

> You can blame me that I did not notice this feature before. Still I think
> that's broken since libldap has to rely on a trustworthy name resolving then
> instead of just comparing the inherently trusted user input against the cert's
> CN attribute. Hmm, didn't we have this discussion before?

I'm sure we have. Replacing "localhost" with the output of gethostname() is
still inherently secure.

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