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back-sql and oracle and uid

There is an old unanswered post by Mark Adamson from Carnegie Mellon.
Right now I'm facing the same issue.

Here is the Post URL:

Oracle has reserved the word "uid", so I can't use it
as a column name in a table or as a "name" in ldap_attr_mappings.
I named my column "userid" , the LDAP query still puts
in "select username  uid ", and the "AS uid" makes the query fail.

Essentially, I can't have an LDAP attribute named "uid".

Has anyone else seen this or found a workaround?

==>backsql_get_attr_vals(): oc="NetAcadPerson" attr="uid" keyval=295107
backsql_get_attr_vals(): number of values in query: 1
backsql_get_attr_vals(): error executing attribute query "SELECT
NetacadPersons.username  uid FROM NetacadPersons WHERE
NetacadPersons.NetAcadUserID=? ORDER BY uid"
Return code: -1
   nativeErrCode=923 SQLengineState=S1000
msg="[unixODBC][Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found
where expected

If you look at the above log for Object Class = "NetAcadPerson" , its
trying to query attribute uid. But I have not defined any attribute
with name "uid" in the  ldap_attr_mappings or in the schema containg
Object class.

Any work around on this is appreciated.

-Nikethan Nagula Raja