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Re: unexpected userPassword content

> userPassword={MD5}wzNncBURtPYCDsYd7TUgWQ==
> But when I retrieve the userPassword content later, I get this value:
> e01ENX13ek5uY0JVUnRQWUNEc1lkN1RVZ1dRPT0=

What you are seeing (with `ldapsearch`) is the Base64-encoded (security
through obscurity :-) value.

$ echo 'e01ENX13ek5uY0JVUnRQWUNEc1lkN1RVZ1dRPT0=' | openssl enc -a -d

> What has openldap done to it?


> What do I have to do with the cleartext 
> password to get the same value?

Relax: you are getting the same value. :-)