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Re: Syncrepl: 3 simple questions

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Actually, in 2.4.11 I have  ?critical Extension?  response with ldap_sync_init API. However with same the source code, it is functional in 2. 3.27 and 2.4.18 . all the waiters are configured in the same way.

Have you solved  this trouble?

Thanks a lot 


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What I would like to understand:

1. How do I query a master for the cookie?
2. How do I query a slave for the coolie?
3. How do I query the master in a human readable format for all changes
based on a cookie which I present?

My apologies if these questions should have been answered by reading the
documentation; I did not find it there, unfortunately.

I am sure someone who is a bit more into this can just reply with three
simple ldadpsearch statemenets.