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Re: tcmalloc

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
"Brett @Google"<brett.maxfield@gmail.com>  writes:


I was wondering of anybody has used much of tcmalloc (from google performance
tools) and has any opinion they care to share with regards to performance of
berkeleydb/openldap toolset ?

I included tcmalloc into my build system. While I didn't measure a
large gain in performance, memory allocation is much cleaner

Right. We've already minimized our actual use of malloc enough that it's not a performance issue; at this point it's mainly about heap fragmentation.

There are some side efects though, if SASL library is not
recompiled with tcmalloc, but this can be solved by not building
openldap with -ltcmalloc but load libtcmalloc by an ld_preload
environment variable.

I only use LD_PRELOAD. Simplifies things when I want to test with other malloc libraries/leak checkers/debuggers/etc...

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