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Re: Troubleshooting synchronization

Edward Capriolo wrote:
> As to the link you have posted:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-directory-users/2009-November/msg00056.html
> It is very easy to quickly search a mailing list and find some people
> having problems software. That does not prove FDS has many MM
> problems. I personally ran two node FDS instance with very active
> WRITE/UPDATE for two years and had only a few isolated problems.

Sure, it's easy to find problems in anything when you search back far enough
into the past. The fact that it's so easy to find problems so *recently* is
what I was pointing out. And your personal anecdote doesn't change the fact
that it is broken.

> Since I have installed openldap on two lightly traffic nodes:
> 1) One node locked up
> 2) After lockup/restart the nodes did not re-establish two way
> replication connection
> 3) I have out of sync data (which I do not believe was added during
> the downtime caused by 1)
> Linking to an RFC and implying that I "Don't read enough" is wrong. If
> my light usage is bringing to light obvious bugs and I am not the only
> one having these issues, not enough testing on the software
> development side is being done.

Fair enough, I agree. The fact that these problems are showing up so quickly
in the field means that we haven't done enough testing prior to release. If
you can condense your problem scenarios into something we can easily reproduce
and subsequently include in the test suite, then we can attack these problems
and move forward.

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