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Re: Bug when converting syncprov-checkpoint to olcSpCheckpoint?

Dieter Kluenter wrote:
"Kyle Blaney" <kblaney@nortel.com> writes:

I am experiencing unexpected results when converting the syncprov-checkpoint
option in file-based configuration to the olcSpCheckpoint attribute in online

To reproduce the unexpected results:

1.  Configure OpenLDAP using file-based configuration that contains the
following line:

syncprov-checkpoint 100 10

2.  Convert file-based configuration to online configuration using the
following command:

slapd -f slapd.conf -F slapd.d

My file-based configuration is converted to the cn=config database, but after
conversion the value of the olcSpCheckpoint attribute in the olcOverlay={1}
syncprov,olcDatabase={1}bdb,cn=config entry is "100 600" when I expect it to
be the same as in my file-based configuration ("100 10").

Is this a bug or does the olcSpCheckpoint attribute use different units
(seconds) than the syncprov-checkpoint option (minutes)?

It seems that the slapo-syncprov(5) defines minutes, but the parser
converts minutes into seconds.
Im am on 2.4.19 and get similar results

The bug is confirmed. I wait for the ITS submission to commit the fix with the ITS number.