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Re: Syncrepl: 3 simple questions


Thanks for that ...

When I try to use anything like


I get

# search result
search: 2
result: 12 Critical extension is unavailable
text: critical control unavailable in context

# numResponses: 1

Does that mean, something with my ldapsearch (client side) is wrong or
does it mean something is missing on my server?


Dieter Kluenter schrieb:
> "Torsten Schlabach (Tascel eG)" <tschlabach@tascel.net> writes:
>> Hi!
>> What I would like to understand:
>> 1. How do I query a master for the cookie?
>> 2. How do I query a slave for the coolie?
>> 3. How do I query the master in a human readable format for all changes
>> based on a cookie which I present?
>> My apologies if these questions should have been answered by reading the
>> documentation; I did not find it there, unfortunately.
>> I am sure someone who is a bit more into this can just reply with three
>> simple ldadpsearch statemenets.
> 1. Request a provider 
> ldapsearch -D cn=replicator,o=avci,c=de -w secret \
> -H ldap://localhost -b o=avci,c=de -s sub \
> -E '!sync=ro/rid=042'
> as result all entries are presented and in addtion a control 
> control: false MIQAAAA5BDRyaWQ9MDQ2LGNzbj0yMDA5MTEwMz
> the base64 encoded value is the cookie, which may be used to request
> changes.
> 2. Request a consumer
> ldapsearch -Y external -ZZ -H ldap://localhost:9004 -b o=avci,c=de \
> -s base contextcsn
> -Dieter