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Re: syncrepl partial copy

On 05/11/2009 10:03, FRLinux wrote:

I am now facing a new issue which could well be due to me but I need
to be sure. I have set a new slave running 2.4.17 on Debian whilst the
master is a 2.3.43 running on FreeBSD 6.4. I have observed a similar
behavior on a slave running 2.3.43 also on FreeBSD.

That behavior is that when you start an empty database, syncrepl
starts copying the content but usually stops after a while (ie. copies
only part of the database but far from all objects).

Is it recommended to slapcat the objects when setting up a new slave
or is syncrepl able to do that by itself?

Syncrepl is able to do that by itself. If your database is particularly large, you might want to slapcat / slapadd to a slave to improve performance, but that's not a requirement.

This is my syncrepl rules:

syncrepl rid=124 \
provider=ldaps://masterldap.example.com:636 \
type=refreshAndPersist  \
searchbase="dc=example,dc=com" \
scope=sub \
filter="(objectClass=*)" \
attrs="*" \

attrs="*" means "only replicate user attributes, not operational attributes". If you want to replicate your database, you need operational attributes too. The default for "attrs" is generally fine.

> schemachecking=off \
tls_cacert=/etc/ldap/cert/cacert.pem \
binddn="cn=ldaprep,dc=example,dc=com" \