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Re: Troubleshooting synchronization

"Torsten Schlabach (Tascel eG)" <tschlabach@tascel.net> writes:

> Hi Quanah!
>> I suggest you go read the CHANGES log for what has been fixed between
>> 2.4.11 and the latest stable 2.4.19.
> I need to say, it worries me a bit that for problems with a core feature
> which has been around for quite some time, the answer is more often that
> I like to hear: You need to use the latest version released last week /
> month or so.
> I have indeed read the CHANGES and seen that some issues have been
> fixed. I have no idea if we are affected by those issues or now.
> Also how would I know that *now* in 2.4.19 all problems are fixed and
> the answer next week won't be: You need to use 2.4.20.
> But as this is a FOSS project and not a product we pay for, we
> understand that we should not blame people but try and help if we find a
> a problem.
> For that reason I have asked in my email for help on *understanding* and
> *diagnosing* problems to have a chance to contribute in case we will
> find any new issues.
> Also our customers may not like it if in case of a problem we tell them:
> Let's wait if in some weeks a new release will come which will fix it or
> not. So I'd rather be in a position to get my hands dirty myself in case
> of problems.

The answer is quite simple: do not use multimaster replication in a
production environment. In most cases the requirement for multimaster
replication is just based on poor directory design. 
Slapd as a stand alone directory is rock stable and outperforms all
other products I know of.
Slapd in a synchronized environment is, with a few exceptions which
have only been fixed recently, rock stable, I know of environments
with up to 150 consumers.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung