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Re: Syncrepl: Two step forward, one step back

On 03/11/2009 08:02, Peter Mogensen wrote:

I still can't figure out what to think of this:

I have a mirrormode setup. One server has the database, the other starts
empty. The data is slowly propagating from server-1 to server-2, but
when I monitor the process by counting how many objects are created on
server-2 below the root object, it is not strictly increasing.
All object below the root has DN: o=...

Is see output like this:
# slapcat | grep 'dn: o=' | wc -l
# slapcat | grep 'dn: o=' | wc -l
# slapcat | grep 'dn: o=' | wc -l
# slapcat | grep 'dn: o=' | wc -l

Why does server-2 "regret" already replicated objects?

Is this expected behaviour?

Most probably not, but it really depends on your setup, the version you're using, etc.

Some things to look into:

- Make sure you're using the latest version. You mentioned mirrormode, so I'm assuming you're on the 2.4 branch. Many syncrepl related bugs have been fixed in the latest versions - 2.4.19 is considered stable, so if you're not using, I recommend you upgrade.

- Set your loglevel to include "sync" and study the logs on both servers. The output may be enlightening as to the origin of the problem.

If this doesn't solve it, please post back here with the version number you're using, your configuration (from both servers) and some logs.

Hope this helps,