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Loading LDIF into a new mirrormode setup


I'm trying to optimize loading a huge LDIF file (several Gb) into a clean mirrormode setup.

As of now, I don't have hardware with RAM enough to hold the whole database, but I've reach useable performance when setting olcDbLinearIndex: TRUE and running (on Server1):

# slapdadd -q -w -l database.ldif
and then
# slapindex -q -t

Now, the only thing missing is for Server2 to replicate the entire database from Server1.

This is however a bit slow, so I'm wondering if I could do better by loading the database on both servers from start, and if there's any special things to worry about regarding entryCSN.

Also: The LDIF is from another setup running slapd 2.3.x, so the entryCSN values are the old format and the SID values are different.

Should I use -S with slapadd to set the ServerID to 1/2 when loading?