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Re: performance very differently for two hosts that are configured identical

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
We have a development server 'emerson' with roughly one third of the
performance of our productional server 'bossdog', it runs ldap query 10
times faster than the productional server. I checked everything I can to
find out the difference, it seems both are equally configured.
This performance difference resulted the productional server user
interface much slower than user's patience.

What would you check further in this case? Thanks in advance!
Two ideas :

1) Check the code that send requests to the prod server. It might receive many more requests than expected 2) Check the network latency. This is most certainly what kills your performances : firewalls, load balancers, etc are adding some latency you don't see on your dev server because you are not using them on dev.

I would bet for (2). I have experienced the very same problem for one of my client 2 months ago. A F5 round up was adding 3ms latancy for each request, enough to slow down the whole server so much that the dev server was running 5 times faster than the production server.

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny