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Re: syncrepl and the memberof overlay

On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Michael Smith wrote:

> 2.4.18 seems to work as long as I run the memberof overlay on both nodes. 

> The entryCSNs tend not to match between nodes. For example, if I add 
> testuser5 to a group on node 2, I might get:
> node 1: entryCSN: 20091008032142.915412Z#000000#002#000000
> node 2: entryCSN: 20091008032402.932100Z#000000#002#000000

This causes problems if one node is down and a group is modified (e.g. 
remove user) on the other: when the first node comes back, it won't see 
the change to either the group or the member object.