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Re: syncrepl loosing connection

--On October 7, 2009 3:06:43 PM +0200 Peter Mogensen <apm@mutex.dk> wrote:

Peter Mogensen wrote:
The setup is 2 mirrormode servers (slapd 2.4.17). Server 1 has the
database and is trying to replicate it to Server 2 which was empty from

Ah... My problems seems to go away if I remove the "idletimeout"
directive. (which I had to 120)

I can find a few mentions of this problem with older versions of slapd,
but nothing saying that I shouldn't use idletimeout with syncrepl on

Have I missed something?

From 2.4.18:

	Fixed slapd incorrectly applying writetimeout when not set (ITS#6220)

most likely.



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