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Re: problem with security ppolicy / solved by ->> 2.4.16

Evgeniy wrote:

   downgrade to 2.4.16  solves  this problem.
thank you.
      	hopefully,   this bug will fixed in next  release...

There is no bug, pwdAccountLockedTime works as designed. It is explicitly checked in test022 of the test suite so you can see for yourself that it works correctly.

Your configuration is wrong, therefore no lock is performed.

24.09.09, 00:06, "Howard Chu"<hyc@symas.com>:

Evgeniy wrote:

       OpenLdap 2.4.18.

Attribute "pwdAccountLockedTime" is set, but auth is still Ok . Why ? On
Ldap 2.3 it works normal - user don't auth after this date.
Most likely because of ITS#6168. The behavior prior to 2.4.17 did not conform
to the spec, and is fixed in 2.4.17 onward.

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