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Re: slapd consumer deletes entries

--On Saturday, September 19, 2009 9:07 AM +0100 Tony Smith <tony.smith.124@googlemail.com> wrote:

thank you Quanah, very much appreciated! I copied the config from some
 howto and didn't really understand how each option works.

Update: the deletion still happens after I commented out the attrs
line, or changed it to attrs="*,+". I tried to comment out other
options as well, and it seems that after leaving out these options the
problem is gone:

Hi Tony,

Did you reload your replica after fixing the syncrepl stanza? If you hadn't, it meant that all of your entries in the replica continued to be broken, which is why deletions continued.


I don't really understand the impact of each; I post it here in case
it might be helpful for someone else.

Those are already the default values. Commenting them out would have had no effect. See above.



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