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Re: Truncating replication log

--On Thursday, September 17, 2009 5:13 PM +0200 Marten Lehmann <lehmann@cnm.de> wrote:


I haven't used replication yet, but slapd is writing files like
log.0000000001, log.0000000002 and so on so I guess these are files for
replication. How can I disable this? Or how can I at least truncate them?
Is there a way to completely rebuild and shrink the ldap db-files so that
after that they are probably better organized and faster to work with?

These have nothing to do with replication. They are transaction logs generated by the underlying BDB database, and are required for database recovery. You can configure BDB to delete ones that are no longer needed via the DB_CONFIG file.

I suggest you browse the OpenLDAP FAQ which discusses the DB_CONFIG file in detail.



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