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Re: Emulating replication from an LDAP client (not another slapd)

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Brandon Hume writes:
So my question is this: Is it possible for me to write some code, using
perl or C or whatever is needed, that will connect as a syncrepl
consumer, and "refresh and persist"?  Are there docs for how the
synchronization protocol works?  Is it just an odd LDAP query?

RFC 4533 describes the sync protocol.  You might also have a look at the
auditlog and accesslog overlays for alternate solutions to your probelm.

Following on to Hallvard's comment, OpenLDAP's libldap provides primitives to implement consumer-side syncrepl (as per RFC4533, no support for OpenLDAP extensions like delta-syncrepl and so). If you want to design your own consumer-side code based on RFC 4533, I'd recommend to start there. Of course, other solutions based on e.g. accesslog might be preferable if you prefer to limit the amount of required coding.