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Re: Assertion failure in ldapsearch

Howard Chu a écrit :
Guillaume Rousse wrote:
This server is frozen, and ldapsearch crashes:

[root@etoile main]# ldapsearch -x
ldapsearch: error.c:272: ldap_parse_result: Assertion `r != ((void *)0)'

This is openldap 2.4.15 client, with this specific configuration:
TLS_CACERTDIR    /etc/pki/tls/rootcerts
TLS_REQCERT    demand

On my own host, with 2.4.17 and no configuration, the client just hangs

I'm joining the network capture.

Not sure what's the point of your email. Whatever 2.4.15 did is uninteresting since it no longer occurs in 2.4.17.
I forgot to test with the same configuration, unfortunatly. Apparently, ldapsearch options only allows to set timelimit with -l switch, not the two other ones.

Your packet trace shows a few TCP retries, so the remote server's network stack is not responding, and you already said "this server is frozen." Naturally the client hangs waiting for a reply, if you didn't specify any timeouts of your own.
Well, my point was:
- the client should die gracefully, instead of throwing an assertion failure
- it prevents switching to the second server listed in its configuration

As 2.4.17 and 2.4.16 changelog doesn't show anything related, I guess the pb is still there.
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